FAO publicerar rapport från Regionalt symposium för Agroekologi i Europa och centralasien

Här kommer ett litet utdrag från sammanfattningen:
In September 2014, FAO organized the ‘International Symposium on agroecology for food
security and nutrition’ in Rome. This was followed in 2015 by three regional symposia in Latin
America, sub-Saharan Africa and Asia and the Pacific. To continue the development of this
regional approach, a regional Symposium on Agroecology for Europe and Central Asia was held
in Budapest from 23 to 25 November 2016, which was attended by over 180 participants from
41 countries in the Region. The Symposium participants formulated 37 recommendations to
develop agroecology for sustainable food and agricultural systems in Europe and Central Asia
(see Annex 1 of this report). This summary reflects the discussions among participants on the
following five topics:
» Agroecological concepts, systems and practices,
» Research, innovation, knowledge sharing and agroecological movements,
» Agroecology and natural resources in a changing climate: water, land, biodiversity and
» Agroecology and sustainable food systems,
» Public policies to develop agroecology and promote transition.


Klicka på länken här för att läsa hela rapporten. Intressant för att se hur FAO agerar och för att förstå hur Agroekologi utvecklas i Europa.

Reg Symp AE Europe and Central Asia FAO Final Report a-i7604e